WiseTola’s Homecoming Celebration: A Tribute to 15 Years of Entertainment Excellence

Post Date: April 18, 2024

Tola Onigbanjo, often known as WiseTola, was emotionally welcomed back to Nigeria to recognise her remarkable achievements in the entertainment sector.

The meticulously planned celebration occurred at Lagos’ prestigious Silk venue in the upscale Ikoyi neighbourhood. It was a grand affair that united industry leaders and celebrities, all gathered to honour WiseTola’s illustrious career.

WiseTola’s recognition was a momentous occasion, underscoring the significance of her contributions to the entertainment industry over the past 15 years. Her triumph in the Nigerian entertainment industry is a testament to her hard work and talent, which are inspiring and unsurprising.

WiseTola's Homecoming Celebration

The evening was regarded as one of the most memorable entertainment events in 2024. Nigerian female rap prodigy Vivian Osagie, also known as Vien007, gave a stunning performance. Her vibrant energy and compelling rap talents gave the event a unique flair.

Among the eager guests, WiseTola shared memories from her poor beginnings in Lagos, a city that fueled her love for developing emerging talent. Furthermore, notable figures such as Bolaji Kareem, Ezegozie Eze Jr from Empire, Bayo Fatoba from The Human Discretion Company, and the renowned rapper IIIbliss gave remarks acknowledging WiseTola’s enormous impact on the Nigerian entertainment industry.

WiseTola’s decade-long recognition was more than just a historical milestone; it was a testament to her dedication, integrity, and outstanding achievements. Her impact extends far beyond Nigeria, underscoring her influential position in the entertainment industry. It’s evident that WiseTola has established herself as a formidable figure, and her success speaks for itself.

WiseTola's Homecoming Celebration

The event was not just a night of celebration but also an occasion for networking and entertainment, with delicious food and drinks available. To add to the festivities, artist Tigua travelled to Lagos to commemorate WiseTola.

The guest list includes industry veterans such as producer ID Cabasa, Bizzle, and Ugo Mordi, as well as upcoming talents like Dice Ailes, Kohdee, Ayo Maff, Genie KG, Zamorra, Shinettw, and Runda.