Raising Our African Kids in America

Parenting African children overseas can be a unique and difficult experience. There are numerous things to take into account, such as linguistic difficulties, cultural differences, and the need to strike a balance between the traditions of their home culture and the realities of their new environment.

Happy Wife Happy Life.

The phrase “happy wife, happy life” is a popular saying that suggests that the key to a happy marriage is to prioritize the happiness and satisfaction of the wife. While this phrase may be catchy and memorable, the reality is that a happy marriage requires much more than just making one partner happy.

Working Together As A Couple

Any relationship, including marriage, is certain to have arguments. As two people who come from different backgrounds, opinions, and personalities come together to create a life together, disagreements and disputes are a normal outcome. Yet, excessive or pointless bickering may be an indication of more serious problems in the couple’s relationship, but is it easy […]

Why Do We Argue So Much In Our Marriage?

Any kind of relationship, even a marriage, will inevitably have arguments. Conflicts and disagreements naturally arise when two people who have different personalities, backgrounds, and viewpoints work together to create a life. Excessive or pointless fighting, though, may indicate more serious problems in the couple’s relationship.

Is Love At First Sight Real?

According to the idea of “love at first sight,” a person might fall in love with another person right once, without having to engage or get to know them beforehand. Although this concept is undoubtedly romantic and alluring, the truth is that it is frequently more nuanced than that.

The Effect of Phones and Social-Media On Marriages

Social media and phones can have a big impact on marriages, both good and bad. They can make it simpler to remain in touch and interact with one another, but they can also introduce new difficulties and potential points of contention.

Do Wives Really Avoid Sex

Although it’s a popular myth, wives in committed relationships don’t always avoid having sex. There are numerous reasons why a wife could experience lower libido or less sex interest at particular points in her life or in her marriage, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that every person and relationship is different.

My Spouse Has A Crush On Someone Else

It might be upsetting and distressing to learn that your spouse has a crush on someone else. Although having a crush is a common and healthy part of being a person, doing so in the setting of a committed relationship can be tricky.

Love Is Not Enough

Love is undoubtedly a crucial element in creating and sustaining a great relationship, but it is insufficient on its own. Several other conditions must exist in order for a relationship to be healthy and happy.

Best Friends With An Ex Or Opposite Sex

It’s crucial to keep in mind that platonic friendships between men and women can be just as meaningful and gratifying as those between people of the same sex when it comes to being best friends with someone of the opposite sex. Yet, it’s also crucial to be aware of any possible sexual or romantic tension […]