Embracing Your Sexuality

Embracing Your Sexuality: Old School vs New School Exploring the differences and similarities between how sexuality was approached in the past and today. The show examines the changes in attitudes, beliefs, and practices regarding sexuality over time, including the impact of social media and technology on sexual expression.

Side Hustles and Gig Economy

Navigating the world of freelancing and self-employment can be challenging but can also be an opportunity for personal and professional growth. It requires a lot of planning, dedication, and hard work. One must identify their skills and strengths, create a business plan, and establish a network.

Vaccine Kills: Fact or Conspiracy

We’ve all heard the claims that vaccines are deadly, and they can kill people. But are these claims based on facts or just another conspiracy theory?


Race Crime or Offence

Jobs: The New Normal

It is important for individuals to be proactive and strategic in managing their careers and staying ahead of the curve in this new normal of the job market.

New Dating Habits

This generation’s new courting practises.What is it composed of? What does it all mean?