Celebration of Life for Adebayo Abimbola

On Friday, February 9th, 2024, the founder of 7GospelTracks.com – Adebayo Ibukun Samuel Abimbola, passed on to glory.

Adebayo, a man of profound impact within the community of believers, a dedicated Christian blogger, and a passionate advocate for gospel music artists, was buried on 7 March 2024.

In this show, we travel back in time to recap the interview we had with him in 2018, feature some tributes sent to us from around the globe & portray some of the songs/projects he supported while on Earth.

This tribute is a testament to love, friendship, and Adebayo’s enduring legacy. Join us in honouring his memory and his extraordinary impact on the world.

Through anecdotes and memories, we celebrate his impact as a friend, family member, and community leader, capturing his humble beginnings, achievements, and lessons imparted.

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